The settings page is where you make various settings to your plugin as follows:

    1. Login Form Shortcode
      To access the plugin functionality, user must me logged in. For that purpose, the plugin has a login form wich will redirrect back to the desired plugin page after the user is logged in. In order to use the plugin you must create a page wich will handle the login form, like ?login? or any other name you like. On that page you will insert the login form shortcode: [afdv_tf_loginform] .
      The plugin will redirect the users that are not logged in to that page so in order for the plugin to redirrect to the correct page, you must select the page you chosed to use from the dropdown (the same page you inserted the shortcode in) and click on save button.
    2. List records shortcode
      The data you collect in your form is stored in the database. In order to acces it you need to create a page and insert the following shortcode: [afvd_tf_list], and then click on save button. Now, when you access this page you will see a list with your records.
    3. Plugin front end logo
      Select image to display as logo on front end pages. This image will show on your forms or login page. If you use COPMPLETE or PREMIUM version, you can also set a different logo for each form. This can be done by setting the logo as a featured image when creating a form.
    4. Color Settings
      Here you can set custom colors for Text, Input group background and for buttons.
    5. Backup your encryption key
      The encryption key is necessary for the plugin to work. If the key gets lost, you won?t be able to use your data any more. It is very important to make a backup before using any form. We recommend storing it in a safe place like a CD or external hard drive.
      Click on “Generate backup” and download the generated archive on your device. After that, be shure to remove the archive from the server by clicking on “Remove archives”