After purchasing our plugin, in order to use it you have to install it on your wordpress site. You will recive the plugin as an archive.


This plugin will create a new directory inside your wp-content directory wich will contain your encryption key. Make shure the wp-content directory is writable before you begin the installation process. Also, if you use firewall plugins like Wordfence or others, you need to deactivate them durring the install process in order for the plugin to setup the encryption key correctly.


1. Login to your wordpress dashboard and go to Plugins -> Add New.

2. At the top of the page you click on “Upload Plugin” and then you select the archive from your device.

3. Click install now to begin the plugin installation process. After the plugin has been installed click “Activate Plugin”.

4. Ignore this step for STANDARD version. If you use the COMPLETE or PREMIUM version of the plugin, all client data will be encrypted using OpenSSL protocol. On that case you need to backup your encryption key. If the key gets lost, you won’t be able to use your data any more.

4.1.? To backup your encryption key, go to the newly created menu The Form -> Settings,

4.2.? Scroll to section called “Backup your encryption key” and click “Generate Backup”

4.3.? Download the generated backup archive. After downlaoding the backup, be shure to remove the archive from the server by clicking on “remove archives”