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The Form

Generate Custom digital forms to capture your clients data and signature.
No more papers, no more lost data.
The Form

Built with nice features

Suitable for any business to collect data efficiently

  • Fully customizable

    Easy to use form builder interface allows you to create any form you need

  • Fully Responsive

    Tablet, Smartphone, Touchscreen, Your form will work on any device. Sign directly on screen or using a mouse.

  • Built for security

    All Data is encrypted for security and GDPR compliance

  • Running on WordPress

    So you can install it directly on your site and access your data anywhere

  • Wonderful experience

    Get rid of papers

    Whether you own a clinic and need to get the consent of clients, a beauty salon or simply need to collect data from clients in a form, this application is right for you.

    Get rid of form printing. Get rid of form storage. The Form is designed to help you collect and store data easily and securely.

    Working Process

    How it works?

    The app is designed to be simple to use .

    Create your form

    Customize your form to suit your needs using an user friendly interface. The Form app is running on wordpress, so everything is hassle free.

    You have all the tools to create the form you need: multiple field types like text input, text-area, date, checkboxes, etc; You can even insert text like "Terms and Conditions" or whatever text you need your clients ro read and accept.

    You can put your site's logo on all forms or have a different one for each form. it's up to you.

    Forgot something? It's alright, you can add or remove fields to your form anytime you want.

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    Fill in the form

    Once you created your form, all you have to do is collect tha data from your clients.

    You can use any device you like. Tablet, smartphone or even a laptop.

    The tablet is the most practical for the customer though, so we recommend you use one.

    The process is very simple. Fill in the form and at the end of the form, sign directly on screen. That's all there is to it!

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    Access the data

    Once the user submits the form, all the data is encrypted and stored in the database.

    You have a different interface where you can see the list of saved forms and access the data of each record.

    Privacy is important, so if anyone wants you to delete their personal data, you can do that in no time.

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    Clean visual interface

    Built by the “mobile first” rule, The form will look good on any device.

    Pricing plans

    Choose your pricing

    Or contact us if you thinking at something else.


    30 €
    • Data encryption
    • Multiple forms
    • On screen signature
    • One customizable logo for all forms
    • The Form branding on frontend
    • 3 Months Support
    • 6 Months free updates


    60 €
    • Data encryption
    • Multiple forms
    • On screen signature
    • Customizable logo for each form
    • The Form branding on frontend
    • 6 Months Support
    • 12 Months free updates


    90 €
    • Data encryption
    • Multiple forms
    • On screen signature
    • Customizable logo for each form
    • Branding free
    • 12 Months Support
    • 24 Months free updates
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